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Food Additives

Food additives are used to improve food’s quality, color, smell and taste, as well as conserve the food. They typically include antioxidants, preservatives, bulking agents, food acids, etc. and are mainly applied to the processing, packaging and transporting of food. Along with the development of food industry, there is an increasing demand for food additives in wider application range. As part of the food safety problem, they are also gaining more and more attention globally.

We have been engaged in chemical food additives for more than 10 years. Our range of food chemicals has excellent quality, since we have got the ISO9001: 2000 certificate. Our main food additives include magnesium sulfate, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate and sodium metabisulfite. Specifically, due to the local resources advantage, our sodium metabisulfite and sodium bicarbonate products are becoming more and more famous. The annual sale for each of these kinds of commodity chemicals is more than 10,000 tons.

    1. Sodium MetabisulfiteSodium metabisulfite has a strong reductibility. It is mainly used as a kind of bleacher for textile fiber, and also preservative and antioxidant in food industry.
    1. Magnesium Sulphate (Food Grade)As a magnesium reinforcer, it is widely used in food and beverage industries to serve as food additives. For example, magnesium sulphate can be used in salt to reduce the sodium content, and in mineral water, and sports drinks to provide magnesium ions.
    1. Citric Acid

      In soft drinks, juice, and can, the citric acid monohydrate is used as acidifier, while it is also used in edible oil as an antioxidant. Besides, citric acid is also used in solid beverage.

    1. Sodium Bicarbonate (Food Grade)

      Sodium bicarbonate is the most widely used bulking agent for the production of biscuit, bread, steamed bread, cake and so on. It is a CO2 source in drinks.