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Calcium Bromide

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CAS No.: 7789-41-5, 22208-73-7 (dihydrate)
Molecular Formula: CaBr2
Synonyms: Calcium dibromide
Typical Applications: Calcium bromide is often used in oil well drilling industry to form workover and completion fluids

Our newly developed solid calcium bromide now is available in granule or powder. The annual production capacity has reached 30,000 tons. Calcium bromide is widely used in oil drilling industry as drilling fluids, including completion fluid, well cementation fluid, and workover fluid. The production for this range of oilfield chemicals is completely sealed. The reaction equipment is made of anti-corrosive T316L stainless steel. We use fluid pressure filtrating machine to reduce the product turbidity to a level less than 50NTU.

Our calcium bromide comes in colorless fluid and white crystal powder. Their parameters are detailed below.

Calcium Bromide (colorless liquid)
Key Specifications and Special Features
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Technical Index
Purity ≥52%
Sulphate ≤0.05%
Specific Gravity 1.71
Chloride ≤0.1%
Water Insouble Matter ≤0.3%
pH Value 6--7
Calcium Bromide (white crystal powder)
Key Specifications and Special Features
Appearance White crystal powder
Technical Index
Purity ≥95%
Sulphate ≤0.05%
Moisture ≤2%
Chloride ≤0.1%
Water Insouble Matter ≤3%
pH Value 7--9
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