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Oilfield Chemicals

As a commodity chemicals manufacturer and supplier, we have been dedicating ourselves to the development of oilfield chemicals. While offering a series of oil well drilling chemicals, we also provide related services for petrochemical industry and oil refineries. Included services are pollution reduction, oil displacement, oil production enhancement and drilling fluid preparation. Our calcium chloride, polyacrylamide, CMC, sodium formate and bromide products are popular selections of oilfield chemicals in the petrochemical industry.

For the oilfields in their decline period, tertiary oil recovery technique including polymer flooding is widely adopted to stabilize the oil output. Related experiments indicated that polymer flooding technique (using oilfield chemicals like ployacrlamide) has great oil recovery enhancing performance. So polyacrylamide (PAM) now has been widely used as oil field chemicals.

Additionally, calcium chloride also plays an important role in the oil drilling industry, and the preparation of drilling fluid, completion fluid and dehydration fluid.

    1. Calcium Chloride

      It could come in granule, pellet, powder or flake. According to our research on the product and statistic of customer need, we provide two kinds of CaCl2, namely calcium chloride dihydrate (CACL2·2H2O) and anhydrous calcium chloride.

    1. Magnesium Chloride

      According to our more than 10 years of production experience, we provide 3 kinds of magnesium chloride, namely white MgCl2, refined MgCl2, and normal MgCl2.

    1. Calcium Bromide

      Calcium bromide is widely used in oil drilling industry as drilling fluids, including completion fluid, well cementation fluid, and workover fluid. The production for this range of oilfield chemicals is completely sealed.

    1. Sodium Bromide

      As a kind of commonly used oil field chemicals, sodium bromide is widely used as drilling fluid additives to prepare dense fluids such as completion and workover fluids.

    1. Sodium FormateAs a kind of formate, HCOONa has self decomposition property and high specific gravity. Sodium formate has been widely used for the preparation of eco-friendly solid-free drilling fluid.
    1. Polyacrylamide

      According to the ion properties, polyacrylamide could be characterized as 4 types—anionic PAM (APAM), cationic PAM (CPAM), nonionic PAM (NPAM), and amphoteric PAM (ACPAM).

    1. Sodium Carboxymethyl CelluloseSodium carboxymethyl cellulose can be used as a component of fracturing fluid in petrochemical industry, as well as sludge stabilizer and water-retaining agent in oil drilling industry.