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Magnesium Chloride

  • White Magnesium Chloride
  • Refined Magnesium Chloride
  • Normal Magnesium Chloride
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CAS No.: 7786-30-3
Molecular Formula: MgCl2
Synonyms: Magnesium dichloride

Magnesium Chloride is produced from sea water or bittern. Making fully use of our geographical advantage in term of large bittern vaporizing area, we can control the production cost quite well. Our experienced technicians and spray drying technique have made great contribution to our consistent products. As our dominant industrial chemicals, magnesium chloride, with a yearly production capacity of 20,000 tons, has been exported many countries and regions across the world.

According to our more than 10 years of production experience, we provide 3 kinds of magnesium chloride, namely white MgCl2, refined MgCl2, and normal MgCl2.

Product Parameter
SO42- K+ and Na+ Ca2+ MgCl2 Color
White Magnesium Chloride <1.0% <1.5% <0.4% >46% White
Refined Magnesium Chloride <2.8% <1.5% >46% Light yellow
Normal Magnesium Chloride <5.6% <2.5% >40%-44% Yellowish brown

1. Used as water treatment chemicals

As a source of magnesium phosphate, MgCl2 can remove the ammonia nitrogen in sewage. It is mainly used for the treatment of city sewage and food industry sewage. Working together with Ca(OH)2 , it can also treat sulphate-free sewage. Adding MgCl2, Ca(OH)2 and Mg(OH)2 to the sewage, contaminations like heavy metal and organic compound will be precipitated, and the treated water could be reused again.

2. Used as oilfield chemicals
Magnesium chloride is a commonly used drilling fluid chemical. It can be used to increase the fluid density of completion brines. Also, magnesium chloride based drilling fluid is regularly used to provide inhibition against waster sensitive clays and shales.

3. Used as de-icing salt
MgCl2 is a widely used de-icing salt. Its features include fast de-icing speed and small corrosivity to automobile. The overall performance is better than that of NaCl.

4. Used in metallurgy industry
Magnesium chloride is used as adhesive in the production of fireproofing materials, as well as a raw material for the production of barium fluxing agent and magnesium.

5. Used as chemical reagent
MgCl2 is used for producing other compounds, magnesium salt mainly, such as magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide and magnesium sulfate. It is also a kind of raw material for antifreezing agent.

6. Used for building material production
Magnesia cement can be produced from MgCl2 and MgO. Besides, MgCl2 can also be used for manufacturing marble, floor board, ceiling, decorative board, fireproofing board, partition board, bathtub, door/window frame, and prefabricated house.

7. Used in agriculture industry
Magnesium chloride is used for the magnesium fertilizer, potassic-magnesian fertilizer, and cotton defoliant.

Key Specifications and Special Features
Formula MgCl2
CAS No. 7791-18-6
Technical Index
MgCl2 ≥46%
SO42- ≤2.8%
Alkali metal Chloride ≤1.0%
Ca2+ ≤0.14%
Water Insouble Matter ≤0.1%
Packing 25kg PP bag with PE film inside
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