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Calcium Chloride

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CAS No. of Anhydrous Calcium Chloride: 10043-52-4
CAS No. of Calcium Chloride Dihydrate: 10035-04-8
Molecular formula: CaCl2
Synonyms: Calcium(II) chloride, Calcium dichloride, E509

Calcium chloride is our dominant range of industrial chemicals and it has the largest sales. Our annual yield for calcium chloride is about 50,000 tons. It could come in granule, pellet, powder or flake. According to our research on the product and statistic of customer need, we provide two kinds of CaCl2, namely calcium chloride dihydrate (CACL2·2H2O) and anhydrous calcium chloride (CACL2).

Item Specification
74% (powder, granule, flake, pellet) 77% (powder, granule, flake, pellet) 94% (powder, granule, pellet) Testing Method
Calcium Chloride (as CaCl2) ≥ 74.00% ≥ 77.00% ≥ 94.00% HG/T2327-2004
Alkali Chloride (as CaCl2) < 4.5% < 4.5% < 3.5% HG/T2327-2004
pH Value Qualified Qualified Qualified HG/T2327-2004
Water Insoluble Matter ≤ 0.10% ≤ 0.10% ≤ 0.10% HG/T2327-2004
Alkalinity (as Ca(OH) 2) ≤ 0.35% ≤ 0.35% ≤ 0.35% HG/T2327-2004
Sulfate (as CaSO4) ≤ 0.10% ≤ 0.10% ≤ 0.10% HG/T2327-2004

1. Used as water treatment chemicals

Calcium chloride is widely used in sewage treatment as a pH value regulator and cheap calcium ion source. It can remove the oil and other organic compounds, as well as phosphide, fluoride and heavy metal. Now it is mainly used for handling sewage produced in metal (steel, aluminium) finishing, electroplating, glass ceramic production, laundry, and daily lives.

2. Used as oil field chemicals
CaCl2 can be used as operating fluid, completion fluid, workover fluid, and dewatering fluid in oil drilling industry.

3. Used as de-icing salt
Due to the great hygroscopicity and great solubility in water, as well as the large amount of heat released during the dissolving process, CaCl2 is usually used as a de-icing salt on the roads, motor ways, and parking lots.

4. Others
CaCl2 solution is an important refrigerant for freezer and ice-making machine. It can accelerate the hardening process, and, as a great antifreezing agent, increase the freeze resistance of building mortar. At some ports, people use it as an antifogging agent. It is also a great anti-dusting agent for the roads, and fire retardant for textile. Calcium chloride can serve as protective agent and refining agent in aluminium/magnesium metallurgy, precipitant in mordant pigment production, and raw material for other calcium salts production.

Key Specifications and Special Features
Product Name Calcium Chloride
CAS No. 10043-52-4
Main Component CaCl2·2H2O CaCl2
CaCl2 ≥74% ≥77% ≥94% ≥95%
Sulfate (CaSO4) ≤0.1% ≤0.2% ≤0.2% ≤0.15%
Alkali Metal NaCl ≤4.5% ≤4.5% ≤3.5% ≤3.5%
Ca(OH)2 ≤0.35% ≤0.35% ≤0.3% ≤0.2%
Water Insouble Matter ≤0.1% ≤0.1% ≤0.1% ≤0.1%
Appearance White flakes/granule/powder/prill/pellet
Packing 25kg PP bag with PE film inside / 1000kg jumbo bag

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