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Water Treatment Chemicals

TENOR, with its strong sense of social responsibility and environmental protection awareness, keeps developing new production techniques of water treatment chemicals. By providing different types of wastewater treatment chemicals, we can provide our customers with complete domestic sewage and industrial sewage treatment solutions.

Water is a fundamental resource for lives on the planet. Water resource is key to human’s sustainable development. Though the world’s total water quantity is huge, only 0.007% of it could be used for our lives. With the rapid advancement of industry and the acceleration of world population growth, we are producing more and more domestic sewage and industrial sewage, resulting serious pollution to the limited water resource. Our range of water treatment chemicals are designed to serve as an effective solution to reduce water waste and increase recycling of waste water.

In addition to the traditional products like calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, we have developed a new series of water treatment chemical, poly aluminium chloride. This selection of sewage treatment chemicals features with great adsorption capacity, strong activity, big-sized alumen ustum, and rapid sedimentation. Besides, it can be used in many conditions, and cause limited corrosion. The water treatment cost is very low since a small amount of poly aluminium chloride is needed each time. Now this type of commodity chemical sells quite well (100,000 tons a year).

The polyacrylamide products we developed also have great flocculability. They come in various types. In complex water body, they can produce amazing performance when coupled with other kinds of water treatment chemicals (such as poly aluminium chloride). It is believed that in the years to come, PAM could be a very important sewage treatment method in most cities.

    1. Polyaluminium Chloride

      When used as sewage treatment chemicals, Polyaluminium chloride offers better waste water treatment effects than aluminum sulfate flocculant, while the cost is also lowered by 15-30%.

    1. PolyacrylamideAccording to the ion properties, polyacrylamide could be characterized as 4 types—anionic PAM (APAM), cationic PAM (CPAM), nonionic PAM (NPAM), and amphoteric PAM (ACPAM).
    1. Cyanuric AcidWhile widely used for the synthesis of new type bleacher, cyanuric acid is also popularly used as chlorine stabilizer for swimming pools. Additionally it can be used for the sterilization and purification of swimming pool water.
    1. Calcium ChlorideAccording to our research on the product and statistic of customer need, we provide two kinds of CaCl2, namely calcium chloride dihydrate (CACL2·2H2O) and anhydrous calcium chloride.
    1. Magnesium ChlorideAccording to our more than 10 years of production experience, we provide 3 kinds of magnesium chloride, namely white MgCl2, refined MgCl2, and normal MgCl2.
    1. Aluminum Sulfate

      Aluminium sulfate, or alum, is a kind of commonly used industrial chemical. It plays an important role in our daily lives and industrial production.