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Other Chemicals

In addition to a wide range of chemical compounds serving as food additives, oilfield chemicals, water treatment chemicals and de-icing salt, we also provide other types of industrial chemicals that could be used in agriculture, textile industry, construction industry, papermaking industry, glassmaking industry, and chemical raw material industry. Our brand­—TENOR CHEMICAL is becoming increasingly famous and strong. We welcome worldwide commodity chemical distributors to work with us and buy our agricultural chemicals, textile chemicals, paper making chemicals, and more.

    1. 99.2% Soda Ash (Light / Dense)Soda ash is an important kind of chemical compound that has been widely used in chemical industry, food industry, light industry, daily chemical industry, metallurgy industry, and medicine industry.
    1. Choline ChlorideAs an economic choline product, it has been widely used in our foods and drinks. For example, it is an important feed additive in fodders for poultry, swine, and some other animals.
    1. Caustic Soda As an important ingredient, caustic soda is used for chemical production, papermaking, aluminium smelting, rayon fabrication, soap manufacturing, as well as for producing dyes, medicines, and plastics.
    1. Sodium Lauryl SulfateSodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), or sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), is a great surfactant, which can remove oil contamination effectively. It is highly biodegradable (>90%), and is commonly used in textile industry and detergent industry.