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Agricultural Chemicals

Agriculture provides us with food, and lays the foundation of industry. To make contribution to China’s agriculture, we have never stopped our study in agricultural chemicals which are necessary ingredients of fertilizer and fodder. After years of research and development, we have made a great progress.

Choline chloride plays an important role in the metabolic process and growth of animals, and thus is often used as feed additives. Firstly, in the phosphatidylcholine form, it can promote the fat transferring and increase the speed of fat metabolism in liver. Secondly, it is in favor of the growth and development of livestock and poultry, improving the quality of meet and eggs while lowering the feed consumption.

Choline chloride is also a broad spectrum plant growth regulator. Its main effects include 1) promoting the sprouting and rooting; 2) promoting the production of the root tuber of sweet potato; 3) inhibiting the growth of stems and leaves; 4) improving the quality and production of fruits.