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Chemical Compounds Serve as De-icing Salt

The common de-icing salts on the market can be divided into two types. The first type is organic compounds which mainly comprise of potassium acetate. The other type is chloride compounds, which are cheaper but can cause damages to the ground and plants.

We developed a new type of de-icing agent that mainly consists of calcium chloride. Due to its reaction with snow, the snow will melt and won’t freeze again. The price of this type of chemical compound is 1/10 of the organic de-icing salt, while the de-icing performance is better than normal snow removal agents—the snow removing speed is faster, and the damage to the plants is smaller. It can be widely used for the snow removing on the street, motor way or at the parking lot. For your information, it is better to use organic ice melting chemicals at the airport and golf course.

  • The large scale snow removing on the motor way
  • The street cleaners are spraying new type de-icing
    salt to remove the snow on the square.