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Oilfield Chemicals for Petrochemical Industry

Petroleum oil is the most important energy on the earth. It accounts for forty percents of the total energy consumption worldwide. A total of 88% of the petroleum oil human exploited has been used as fuel, while the rest is consumed by the petrochemical industry.

To meet the demands of the international market, we keep focusing on the research and development of oilfield chemicals to facilitate oil and gas well drilling. Our most important range of oil well drilling chemicals is calcium chloride. Its annual sale has surpassed 90,000 tons, 80% of which was used as drilling fluid additives, such as drilling fluid, completion fluid and dehydration fluid.

Our company is located in the Binhai Economic Development Zone, Weifang City, Shandong Province. So we have the geographic advantages for the large scale evaporation in the sun. We are adjacent to the Bohai gulf in the north which has abundant natural resources, making our raw material cheap, and convenient to purchase.

We adopt advanced spray granulation technique, so the calcium chloride granule or globule has great purity and quality, and low content of water insoluble matter. Consequently, the product has been widely popular with our clients both at home and abroad.

Many oilfields now are in their decline period,tertiary oil recovery technique including polymer flooding is widely adopted to stabilize the oil output. In this method, polyacrylamide serves as an important oil-displacement agent, which has been increasingly used all over the world. PAM can also be used to change the interstitial flow state of the water in the drilling wells, enhancing the oil recovery rate.

Additionally, our calcium bromide and its mixture are typically used as the completion fluid, well cementation fluid, and workover fluid in offshore oilfields. CMC, as mud stabilizer and water retaining agent, can protect the oil wells during the oil recovery.