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Research and Development

Our R&D team

Tenor Chemical has been focusing on the environmental protection and the development of new technologies since its foundation in 2002. The founder of Tenor has 15 years of experience in the production management and product development in Sinopec since 1987. Tenor prioritizes on the production of chemical compounds like calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium bromide and polyaluminium chloride. We also aim at new product development with biochemistry technology for oil industry and food industry.

Our R&D team is in the charge of a group of talents who have an equivalent of bachelor's degree or above, and 10 years of working experience. The quality control and cost control are becoming increasingly efficient.

1. Our research on the production of calcium chloride from waste liquid in the sodium carbonate manufacturing has achieved great success. This technique will greatly benefit the environment.

2. Our new series of chloride compounds, high clarity (< 50ntu) calcium chloride, has been put into production. The annual production capacity could reach 30,000 tons. This product can be used as antifreeze agent and food additive, or in petroleum drilling industry.

3. The new type colorless and transparent PAC fluid and white PAC powders have been put into production. They will be used in the papermaking and water treatment industries.

4. We successfully developed the first set of new type spray drying equipment in China. The equipment has high production capacity and low energy consumption.

Features of the spray drying tower
1. Fast drying speed (several seconds)

2. Suitable for thermal sensitive material

3. Wide application range
According to the material properties, you can choose hot air drying, centrifugal palletizing or cold air palletizing. So the machine is suitable for many kinds of material with very different properties.

4. Great dispersibility, mobility and solubleness.
Since the drying process is finished in an instant, so the granules can roughly maintain their globular shapes. The dispersibility, mobility and solubleness are outstanding.

5. Simplified production process, convenient control and operation
The spray drying technique is usually used for solutions with a solid content less than 60%. After the drying operation, no further smashing and screening operations are needed. Thus the production is simplified. The products' granule size, bulk density, moisture content can be adjust in a certain range by changing the drying conditions, and the control and management are both quite simple.